Cardano Lisbon Meetup

Official Gitbook to document the emergence and evolution of the Cardano Lisbon Meetup

Initiated in January 2023

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The Cardano Lisbon Meetup event is a gathering of Cardano enthusiasts, builders, and mentors with the purpose of growing, nurturing, and strengthening the Cardano community based in Lisbon, Portugal. The event provides a platform for people to connect with valuable resources in the Cardano ecosystem, to meet other like-minded individuals, and to onboard newcomers to the ecosystem.

The Meetup event offers a safe and welcoming space for attendees to share their personal thoughts, beliefs, and visions with each other. The open environment encourages brainstorming, ideation, and the creation of new concepts and innovations that can help grow and develop the Cardano ecosystem.

The event also serves as an opportunity to build lasting, meaningful in-person relationships. By connecting with others in the community, attendees can form bonds and networks that can help support and foster growth within the ecosystem.

The overall mission of the Cardano Lisbon Meetup is to bring people together to further the development and growth of the Cardano ecosystem. By connecting attendees with valuable resources, fostering open communication and collaboration, and building relationships, the event aims to contribute to the success of the Cardano community.

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