Governance Toolmaker Roundtable

A Cardano Community Initiative

Cardano - Governance Toolmakers Roundtable

Building & align Community Governance Tooling capacities
The Governance Toolmakers Roundtable is a Community initiative with Cardano Community Governance toolmakers to define best tools & tool sets for open sourced on chain governance processes and platforms and to explore best solutions and practices for voting and other governance processes
The Roundtable is an initiative between Cardano Governance Toolmakers coming together to discuss and align on common challenges and objectives and to identify & initiate solutions for open sourced on chain voting & governance tools + platforms for the Cardano Community & Ecosystem.

What the Roundtable aims to solve

The Cardano & Catalyst ecosystems consist of various groups, projects and interests, often acting in silos and therefore blocking a collective and collaborative emergence and evolution.
The Roundtable aims to gather key players and projects within the Ecosystem which focus on the development of open sourced & onchain tools and platforms for community and blockchain governance on the Cardano Blockchain.
The Roundtable starts some first conversations across multiple centers to break existing silos and to gather crucial feedback & engagement on common challenges, ideas and visions. Further we aim to enable access to each others resources, experiences and expertise to build most effective governance tools and systems, to identify best practices and to establish serious capacity for a community led decentralized open source governance on the Cardano Blockchain
Initiated in 2022 by the Catalyst Swarm & Bridge Builders
Last modified 10mo ago