🌟The Team

Alex Pestchanker

Mentor, Host and Speaker, Funded Proposer and CA in F6, 7 and 8, vCA in F7 and F8, Challenge Team member for F7 Grow Latam, Grow Cardano, Funded Proposer subcircle member, Swarm Veteran.

Rodolfo Miranda

Funded Proposer and CA in F6, 7 and 8, vCA in F7 and F8, Challenge Team member for F7 Grow Latam, Grow Cardano and F8 Self Sovereign Identity.

Jaime Martinez

Funded Proposer in F7 and F8, CA in F6 and F7, member of the Catalyst community since F4, Advocate and builder of educational initiatives for LatAm Cardano Communities.

Lucas Macchiavelli

Funded Proposer in F7 and 8, CA in F8, Cardano Ambassador, Swarm contributor.

Sebastián Pabón

Instructor at EBU of Luxembourg | PA, VPA, CT, Funded Proposer at Project Catalyst (Cardano community) | EMURGO Academy | Gimbalabs.

Ezequiel Matías Marclé Montenegro

Social and Solidarity Economy. Buen Vivir Philosophy. Green energies. Collective production. Self-management. Food sovereignty. Entrepreneurship. Cryptoeconomy & Blockchain.

Jaime Posada

From Colombia, Jaime is a systems Engineer, Technical Manager of Cardano Latino LLC, main SPO of Latino Staking Pool [LATIN], Cardano Engineer Enthusiast, Marlowe Pioneers Program First Cohort.

Daniel Vanegas Castañeda

Bilingual Business Administrator, with comprehensive experience of more than 15 years in management of administrative, financial, logistical and human talent processes. Oriented to generate value from the development of initiatives and continuous improvement processes, ensuring the strategic impact, leading direct and indirect teams, and making complex decisions, ensuring the opportunity to achieve the result.

Mauro Andreoli

CA Found 8 and PA in F9. Auditory and PR. Studying to become an Attorney in the National University of La Plata. Innovatio Community Leader & Manager.

Juan Sierra

Founder of Sala de Cafe ATH. Active member in the community since F1

Juanita Jaramillo

Jorunalist & Colaborator in Cardano Women & Cardano for Climate

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