About us


Governance Guild is a network of individuals with a broad range of experience in blockchain governance, community engagement, administration, and project management. We support the exploration, development, and implementation of decentralised solutions to help teams govern their own initiatives. We do not prescribe or require particular ways of working, but aim to identify appropriate mechanisms and/or tools that suit each team’s individual needs. Our goal is to offer nonpartisan and pluralistic services to a variety of groups and teams within the Cardano ecosystem and beyond. We seek to accommodate and work with a wide variety of individuals, groups, and communities from a diverse range of geographical and cultural backgrounds. ​

What we offer

The Guild is a supporting service, and is focused on getting teams successfully prepared to govern their projects. We do not dictate or decide the approach to be taken, but rather, we facilitate processes and provide options and suggestions, as well as educational programs and best-practice knowledge transfer. We believe that this approach will allow the Guild to remain impartial and not affiliated with any one group, while providing bespoke governance services to those groups that need them.

No "one-size-fits-all" solution

It is important to understand that there is no one-sized solution that will fit all projects. What we are offering is a convenient place to commission governance, administration, and project management support at a competitive cost. Depending on their development and backgrounds, some projects may need more targeted, hands-on support, while others may only need tools and resources which they will implement themselves. The benefit of Governance Guild's network is that all projects can find the appropriate level of services to fit their needs.

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