Forum 3: 1st December 2023

Here's the documentation of our third Grassroots Governance Forum. You'll find top-level summaries for each breakout room on this page, with more detail on the relevant sub-page.

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Opening session: What is "community"?

We presented these slides, on our view of what "community" can be, and how to sustain it in times of no funding.


  • The Catalyst community - those who are continuously not just proposing, but participating - is a bit disillusioned. I get this sense from those I see around me in this social ecosystem. When I listen to what others say, I feel like there’s not much of a Catalyst community any longer - it’s like Catalyst has become a product now, and doesn’t require a community.

  • “Community” is finding people who have similar purpose & values.

  • I don’t have a direct insight into Catalyst - I’m from sNET - but I do see all kinds of social initiatives in Catalyst (like Swarm, Andamio, Gimbalabs) focusing on the people. That seems to be the heart of “community”.

  • One of the things I value most about the community - maybe not all of us, but some - is the diversity.

  • “Community” in the “IRL” world is often geographically-based , but for us in Cardano it’s diverse and global.

  • It’s still not very diverse on gender. I wish there were more women.

  • In this community I find people who are passionate, generous with their knowledge, and trying to find ways to move forward together. Not so much as it used to be (increasingly, there’s power dynamics, economics, people who are here just for the money) but I think it still stands; the culture is mostly respectful of each other. We hear each other. That’s what makes me feel I belong.


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See meeting notes on Miro board

We discussed

  • the legalities of owning land in a DAO, examining several historical examples;

  • different legal entities used to manage DAO-like organizations

  • the current legal status of SingularityNET.

INO plan to develop a standard for governance and compliance for Internet Native Organizations, which would also support DAOs. See for more info.


Breakout room 2: Governance Guild and José de Gamboa: Community, Governance, and Intersect (the Cardano Members-Based Organisation)


See Slides: Talking Governance

We discussed

  • whether and how Intersect is decentralising and distributing power

  • the 3 layers of Intersect (Governance, Steering, and Execution)

  • The Civics Committee

  • Key questions that the Civics Committee is currently looking at on Treasury; dReps; Incentives; and Security.


Plenary session:


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