Closing Report

F9 Governance Services Guild tools - Close-out Report

Project details

Governance Services Guild tools

Budget: $37, 600

Part of the F9: DAOs <3 Cardano Challenge

Project started: October 2022

Project completed: June 2023

The voting

Project team

In first name alphabetical order -

Andre Diamond

Felix Weber

Jonathan Postnikoff

Miroslav Rajh

Nadim Karam

Nori Nishigaya

Peter Wolcott

Stephen Whitenstall

Vanessa Cardui

Challenge KPIs and how the project addressed them

The main success metrics to measure in relation to the DAOs love Cardano Challenge were -

  1. the number of communities actively engaged in collaboration using DAO tools.

  2. the amount of ADA (Cardano's native cryptocurrency) generated from transaction fees

  3. the number of DAOs utilising Cardano as their governance and management chain within a six-month timeframe.

  4. the availability of toolsets and frameworks for DAO operations.

Our project aims and how we addressed them

Key achievements (in particular around collaboration and engagement)

Key learnings

Next steps

Final thoughts

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Close Out Report (Google Doc)

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