Plenary session

Key takeaways: Breakout Room 1

  • INO is working on standards frameworks, defining structures.

  • Where is the impact happening in communities?

  • Wide-ranging discussion - land ownership and DAOs; examples from history; novel company structures

  • sNET's DAO - how it will be structured, how it is working - sybil attacks, privacy. Some insights on whether one DAO can provide legal certainty to another DAO if they are connected.

  • Discussed bringing sNET ambassador program to Estonia

  • Main thing to consider now is technology - the Internet gives us power, but how do you give access to people? Choose your use-cases.

Key takeaways: Breakout Room 2

  • How CIP-1694 has been evolving, how Intersect came into the design, and its proposed structure and purpose;

  • The 3 layers of Intersect, with the steering layer as the one that has community input;

  • The Civics Committee, and an overview of some key questions it is dealing with

  • Committees have no decisionmaking power, only consultative

  • Loads of work to do, so Intersect needs more people - tooling, growing networks

  • But there are some real challenges around incentivisation and working for free

  • Also challenges around truly decentralising and co-producing with the community

  • The more people join Intersect who think in decentralised ways, the better. Identify spots where you can add value.


QUESTION: Is it better to join Intersect as an organisation or an individual? ANSWER: It probably doesn’t make much difference. Some have joined twice, one of each. Most contributions are individuals at this point - though more and more companies have been joining. Also “guilds” have started to unofficially form - e.g. NFTs, DeFi. Eventually there will be a subscription cost - but people might be able to “pay” with work.

QUESTION: With the now well-known phrase of Charles’s “You pay or you work” - it will be interesting to see what the equivalency is. How much work will be required from a poorer person, to match the payment that a richer person makes? ANSWER: Yes, there have been conversations about that!

COMMENT: I’m not participating in Cardano governance because frankly, I am sick of it. I am interested in these Internet Native Organisations.

José: If anyone wants to know more, you can reach me on X @bitcows, or Telegram or Discord @jmdegamboa

INO: Thanks everyone. Please do reach out to us at

Photrek: Check out our Sociocratic dReps proposal:

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