The Facilitator and Secretaries group supporting Catalyst Circle

The Facilitator and Secretaries group arose out of recruitment sessions at the After Town Halls of the 1st September (Facilitators) and 8th September (Secretaries) 2021.


The Facilitators and Secretaries group exists to support :

The facilitation of Catalyst Circle meetings.

The maintenance of minutes & and an agenda.

The co-ordination of agenda items between meetings.


Circle Meetings

A Facilitator and a Secretary will attend Circle Meetings.

The Facilitator will guide the meeting through the agenda and the Secretary will take minutes.

Between Circle Meetings


At least one week before a Circle Meeting a Secretary will draft and distribute an outline agenda based on the outcomes of the previous Circle meeting.

A Secretary will distribute (or link to) the outline agenda to Circle Members and the Facilitator for review and for additions or amendments. Two days prior to the Circle meeting the Secretary will chase Circle members for input to finalize the agenda items.

The outline agenda will be stored as a single Google document in a folder for that meeting.


A Secretary will take minutes during each Circle Meeting. The draft minutes will be committed to version control and then edited for clarity.

The minutes will be published as a single Google document in a folder for that meeting.

The minutes will be imported into the Catalyst Circle Oversight GitBook and comitted to GitHub.

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