Meeting 1 - July 12th, 2021

Catalyst Circle Meeting 1 - July 12th, 2021



John Buck (Facilitator, Governance Alive), Pete Oliver-Krueger (Secretary, Governance Alive), Lauris Stiglics (Stake Pool Operators), David Taylor (Cardano Foundation), Dor Garbash (Input Output), Victor Corcino (Community Advisors), Juliane Montag (Funded Proposers), Felix Weber (Toolmakers & maintainers), TBA (General Voters).

Logistics and Roles

  1. Governance Alive (GA) will handle the CC meeting facilitator role with a person certified under by the International Sociocracy Certification Board. (John Buck with Nate Whitestone as back up.)

  2. GA will handle the CC Secretary role. (Pete Oliver-Krueger with Nate Whitestone as back up.)

  3. The message to CC members before the meeting will provide the current definition of the Catalyst Circle to be reviewed and accepted in the meeting, an invitation to forward to everyone the goals of the group that they are representing, and an invitation to suggest agenda items. (Already done using the Telegram group set up by Daniel.) The proposed agenda will be transmitted before the meeting along with a link to the meeting via Calendar invite and the Telegram group.

Proposed Agenda

The high level Agenda Items were as follows :

1) Administrative matters

Content Agenda

2) Definition of Catalyst Circle

3) Sharing of objectives

4) Develop and prioritize the highest priority initiatives for the Catalyst Circle (CC) that reflect and support the objectives of the member organizations.

DECISION: For next meeting:

(1) list the problems within your group.

Problem statement rubrik

  • What problem do you see?

  • Why is solving this problem important to the mission of Project Catalyst?

  • Can you articulate the gap between the current state and the expected or envisioned state?

  • How might the value of solving this problem be quantified and/or measured? (optional)

(2) Rank the problems (focus on top two statements)

(3) Share our feedback with each other and look for problem statements to solve together (eg. join with another member - eg Victor, Juli, Felix)

(4) Place Problems in accessible backlog tool (E.g Trello)

Closing round (Evaluation of the meeting)


Meeting notes from CC meeting #1 ( July 12th )

Meeting Youtube Recording - July 12th, 2021

International Sociocracy Certification Board

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