Swarm participation in Fund 6

Swarm participation in Project Catalyst - Fund 6

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F6: Developer ecosystem - Introducing Catalyst Swarm

Hello and happy Fund6 everyone. We are a self-organizing Project Catalyst community, supporting the success of Cardano's Project Catalyst and its community of voters, advisors, proposers, SPO's, projects & groups.

We facilitate the After Town Halls, weekly Saturday Swarm Sessions, currently running Hackathon & the Idea fest.

How can we improve and include more people from the community? Start a conversation with us.

To find out more – check out "What is Swarm?"



After Town Hall by Swarm - F6: Proposer outreach -

Problem statement :

Town Hall is attended by highly engaged participants of the Cardano ecosystem. They need a moderated space for discussion and networking.

Describe your solution to the problem

Organize breakout rooms after each weekly Town Hall to discuss current events. Provide space for funded and upcoming projects and ideas.

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