Catalyst Town Halls - December 2021

Catalyst Town Halls for the month of December 2021

1st December


After Town Hall Breakout Rooms

Mini Proposal Workshop #11

Hosted by Tevo Saks and accompanied by Scott, Raymond Mata, Natnael Demelash, and 2 other Community Members In this session, we explore how to improve awareness of Cardano in the Ethiopian Communities. The Ethiopian community is missing an overview of all the opportunities that the Cardano blockchain offers

If you are interested in participating in a workshop to help others to improve proposals or elaborate on your idea. Join us in the Discord channel:

If you are interested to learn more about Mini Proposal Project Management I invite you to check out this public Miro Board:

Open Source Developer Ecosystem Challenge

Voices of Community Catalyst Community OGs Speaking about the Open Source Dev Ecosystem Challenge in Project Catalyst Fund 7.

8th December

Recording Placeholder


After Town Hall Breakout Rooms

Presenting Proposals - Fund 7

Proposers from Project Catalyst presenting their ideas and projects in the weekly Catalyst After Town Hall.

15th December 2021


After Town Hall Breakout Rooms

Veteran Community Advisors (vCA) Q&A with Kenric Nelson

Antifragile Success criteria

Supporting materials

Looking back on 2021

Catalyst Community members ( veterans & newcomer ) looking back on their Catalyst journey so far :)

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