Catalyst Community - July 2021

Notable Catalyst Community events in June

1st July 2021

The start of hemisphere discussions

Catalyst Swarm & Sessions Discord Server

Link to Discord context on Catalyst Swarm & Sessions

Project Catalyst Discord Server

2nd July, 2021

Lets speak about new timezone Formats for Catalyst Events

Link to Discord context on Catalyst Swarm & Sessions

SourceCred Use, Set-Up and Strategy

Friday, July 2nd, 2021

Danielo Ospina (Aragon), Stephen Whitenstall, Tevo, Seomon (Catalyst Swarm) and Tyler Wales (Secret Decks)


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Tyler Wales (Secret Decks) - 0:07

Tevo (Catalyst Swarm) - 0:28

Seomon (Catalyst Swarm) - 2:16

Stephen Whitenstall (Catalyst Swarm Support) - 3:39

Danielo Ospina (Aragon) - 4:38

1) Setting up a source cred test server for the whole Catalyst community

Setting up a SourceCred Discord test server for the whole Catalyst community (Stephen) - 7:15

Secret Decks involvement (Tyler) - 8:27

SourceCred setup approach (Danielo) - 8:53

Parallel implementation - SourceCred/Sanity Check (Stephen) - 10:57

Moving from a timesheet to a tracking culture (Stephen) - 11:23

Disambiguation of different tasks, cultures of value (Danielo) - 11:46

Cultural configuration of value (Stephen) - 13:40

Meme distractions (Tyler) - 14:21

Is it building culture ? Educating the community on value (Danielo) - 14:42

A process of discovery ? (Stephen) - 16:26

A process of co-creation, disproportionate visibility of extroverts, viability of tracking systems (Danielo) - 16:40

How does SourceCred plug into Discord ? (Tevo) 18:49

How SourceCred works (Danielo) - 19:30

Experience of SourceCred configuration, intangible contributions (Stephen) - 20:20 community, emotional labour, group identity (Danielo) - 20:53

Secret Decks Mindfulness Policy (Tyler) - 23:13

2) A conversation about future funding, future roadmap

A conversation about future funding, future roadmap (Stephen) - 23:49

Aragon deployment on Cardano (Danielo) - 24:51

Transition from practical work (Stephen) - 26:00

Aragon is a platform to create DAOs (Danielo) - 26:50

3) General Discussion

General Discussion (Tevo/Danielo) - 27:59

General Discussion (Seomon/Danielo) - 29:11

Secondary accounting systems (Stephen/Danielo) - 33:11

SourceCred as subject of a Swarm session (Stephen/Tevo) - 34:10

SourceCred weighting parameters , experiment (Danielo) - 34:53

Enhances the Catalyst Experiment (Stephen) - 35:28

Inflationary tokens align with increase of work, iterative process (Tyler) - 35:57

We have to do it at some point (Tevo) - 36:36

5) References :

NVC Marshall Rosenberg - San Francisco Workshop -

Nonviolent communication.

6 key interactions for a regenerative team -

14th July, 2021

Empowa how to solve the problem for affordable houses in Moçambique Mozambique

Hi everyone, Empowa is a Fund 5 proposal to build a network for affordable houses in Moçambique. Glen the CEO of the project explain to us what he plan to do with the money if his proposal gets funded.

21st July

The Eastern Hemisphere Discussion evolved and created a project

Discord context

22nd July 2021

Catalyst Proposal Fund 5 from Tevo and Steve, The Catalyst Circle

Today I will talk to Tevo and Steve about their proposals and also talk about The Catalyst Circle

Catalyst Fund 5 Artano NFT market place. Mint NFT and earn royalties

Today I will talk with Matt and Maria about their proposal on Catalyst called Artano NFT Market Palce. -

Reddit: (r/artano) -

Twitter: (@artano__io) -

Instagram: ( -

Linkedin: -

Website: - Artamint: -

Telegram: (artanonftmarketplace)

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