Swarm Sessions - June 2021

For the month of June 2021

Saturday, 5th June 2021

Fund 6 Improvements Circle

Discussion with Proposer, Community Adviser and veteran Community Advisor about improvements for Fund 6

WADA Circle

Mercy, co-founder from WADA ( West-Africa- Decentralized- Alliance ) invites you to have a look in the WADA projects get in touch with WADA:



Saturday, 19th June 2021


Swarm Session Miro Board

Organizing Ideascale Problem Sensing Ideas - Session

Discussion about the user experience of the Ideascale Problem Sensing section and how could we can improve it.

Miro Board for this session

GitHub Repository for this session

DAO Circle - Session

Sharing knowledge and thoughts about the concept of a DAO

Chill Out Circle

Session Feedback

Saturday 26th June 2021

Link to Discord context

Swarm Session Miro Board

Ideation Incubator Circle

Swarm Session 26th June 2021 - moderated by N-Fold

Pre-Proposal Problem Sensing Process

Exploring a process framework to identify problems that are worthy to motivate funding proposals, creating community-based consensus of a value-proposition that proposers can point to and not reinvent the "why bother?" part of Catalyst funding proposals

0:00 reducing wheel-reinvention in Catalyst community

10:30 review: what makes a good problem statement?

16:30 a small experiment in process for finding interesting problems

21:00 4 people get experience together

56:15 finding consensus

58:45 reviewing, feedback, learning

DAO Circle Part 2 - DAO City

Swarm Session 26th June 2021 - moderated by Filip

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