Catalyst Town Halls - April 2022

April 27th 2022


Breakout Rooms

Funding Open Source Ecosystem

Join Johnny Nguyen (IOHK), Patrick Suzzi (OSDE & OSSI F8 Challenge Team), James Willingham (Snapbrillia), Matthias Sieber (Loxe), Lance Byrd (RootsID), Ashton Engberg (Oscilliware), Vinay Devabhaktuni (Konma), Roar Holte (Youblob), Logan Panchot (ClearedContracts), Krypto King, Daniel Ribar (IOG), Ninh Tran (Snapbrillia), and many others as the community discusses sustainably funding the Open Source Ecosystem in and out of Cardano.

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Catalyst Open Data API with Lidonation, AIM, QA DAO & Swarm

Lidonation hosting a After Town Hall space and opening a conversation about Open Data & API in Project Catalyst. Later, the coonversation goes into a feedback session to get community insights on the launched LidoNation voter tool and the People section

have a look on it by yourself :)

Building on chain reputation

During this Break out room, we discussed how to build an on-chain reputation on Cardano and solve the main challenges around having this subject. Host: Stephania Silva, GoingUP

PCDiscord Server - Overview and Governance

Visual Update on the Miro Board for Project Catalyst Discord Server.

April 20th 2022


Breakout Rooms

Cardano & Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Join Beatrice Thelisma (Snapbrillia), Ashton Engberg (Oscilliware), Gabriel Bardawil, Alan Casey (Edify), Mohamed Eya, Harsha Gullapalli (Konma), Vinay Devabhaktuni (Konma), Nori Nishigaya (SANADA), Joss Avila, Tasos Valtinos, James Willingham, Frank Albanese, Ninh Tran (Snapbrillia) and many others as the community discusses Cardano & Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and why it matters.

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#cardano #catalyst #DEI #diversity #equity #inclusion

Cardano Treasury with Kevin Hammond & Jared Corduan


Catalyst Community dReps Letter - Community Governance Oversight Documentation -

Snapbrillia MVP Detailed Technical Plan

Join James Willingham (Snapbrillia), BJoin James Willingham (Snapbrillia), Beatrice Thelisma (Snapbrillia), Frank Albanese, (Snapbrillia) Ninh Tran (Snapbrillia), Tasos Valtinos (Snapbrillia), Shan Zhang (Snapbrillia), Justin Sabal (Snapbrillia), Kenric Nelson (Photrek), Megan W, Henry Wales, Ashton Engberg (Oscilliware), Harsha Gullapalli (Konma), Vinay Devabhaktuni (Konma), and many others as the team transparently shares a detailed technical plan for Snapbrillia's fund 8 proposals OpenSource Quadratic Voting Funding and Mentor-Mentee Bounties & eLearning to address an anonymous CA’s questions:

F8 Problem & Solution Sensing Pt 2

April 13th 2022


April 6th 2022


Breakout Rooms

SSI & Proof of Reputation

Join Frank Albanese (Snapbrillia), Lance Byrd (RootsID), Nick Mason (ProofSpace), Niels Kijf (Design Academy), Patrick Suzzi (F8 OSDE), Juan Sierra (HERG), Zoéys Welt, Brian Harper, Ashton Engberg, Ninh Tran (Snapbrillia) and many others as the community discusses the different what is SSI & Proof of Reputation and why it matters.

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#cardano #catalyst #ssi #proofofreputation

Open Source Perspectives

Join Patrick Suzzi from Catalyst F8 OSDE Challenge, Stephen Whitenstall (Community Governance Oversight/QA DAO), Ashton Engberg, Elen Nas, James Willingham (Snapbrillia), and Ninh Tran (Snapbrillia) as the community discusses the different perspectives on contributing and open-sourcing on Cardano.

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#cardano #catalyst #opensource

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