Catalyst Town Halls - August 2022

03th August 2022


Breakout rooms

Atala PRISM / Pioneer Program / CSSIA Charter

The Atala PRISM team is here to support you on your PRISM Pioneer Program journey, answer your SSI related questions and today, to discuss the Cardano SSI Alliance Charter.

Global Healthcare Challenge

How the global healthcare community could leverage Cardano tech to provide better pharma R&D & global access to life-saving medications.

Connecting Cardano with the fastest growing industry in the world - Legal Cannabis. Discussing real world uses for cardano within the legal cannabis industry.

Code and Law

Building upon cardano's formal foundations, let's have a practical look at how we can transition from law in the analog space to law in the digital space - considering how it takes shape across industries, geographies and cultures.

Building Sustainable Business on Cardano

Join the DripDropz team as we discuss sustainable business practices on Cardano and Project Catalyst. Share your business ideas and discuss avenues of profitability and sustainability.

10th August 2022


17h August 2022


Breakout rooms

C4C Mini-ImpactFest

After incredible success last week, we continue ongoing mini ImpactFest. The party keeps going! Today, the C4C community gathers to hear YOUR Impact- related proposal. There is plenty of time to connect and collaborate. Hosted by: Newman Lanier.

CNFT Alliance w/ Sebastian

Recurring Breakout Room, no description provided by host.

Atala PRISM Discussion with Fuixlabs

24h August 2022


Breakout rooms

EMURGO Academy and the future of global Cardano adoption

EMURGO Academy and the Future of Cardano's Global Adoption.

TANGENT Dashboard Walk-through

Walk-through and progress update of the Tangent NFT Launchpad and NFT Farming apps. Feedback is welcome! We are now accepting applications from projects and creators who want to be the first to have their own custom farming pools featured on the dashboard.

31th August 2022


Breakout rooms

Cardano NFT Alliance - August 31, 2022

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