F7 Final Report

Catalyst Swarm 2022 GitBook - Closing Report

A. Name of project

Catalyst Swarm 2022 GitBook


ID - 700064

B. Name of project manager

Stephen Whitenstall

C. Date project started

March 2022

D. Date project completed

June 2022

E. List of challenge KPIs

and how the project addressed them

Active participation in Project Catalyst amongst Proposers, Voters, Community Advisors and participants in community events was documented by this project.

The Catalyst Swarm 2022 GitBook provides a reference source for Challenge KPIs listing events and embedding videos chronologically from January 2022 onwards.

F. List of project KPIs

and how the project addressed them

The main Project KPIs : documentation of Catalyst Town Halls, After Town Halls & Swarm events were achieved on a weekly basis as new content was released.

G. Key achievements

(in particular around collaboration and engagement)

A key achievement was sourcing Livia Corcino to continue to update the Catalyst Swarm 2022 GitBook for the remioandar of 2022.

H. Key learnings

The budget was sufficient for basic updating of content - but not enough to promote content widely or include more detailed content.

I. Next steps

for the product or service developed

The final release of funds will be used to support the update of the GitBook until the close of 2022

J. Final thoughts/comments

A collaboration between Catalyst Swarm and QA DAO

Closing video : https://youtu.be/n7EoXF6miv4

GitBook : https://catalyst-swarm.gitbook.io/catalyst-swarm-2022/

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