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Cardano & Catalyst Sessions, Workshops & Events

Maybe it’s wrong to speak about Sessions or Events as this could give you a wrong image of what it is about on its very basis… The main goal of these gatherings is to explore and offer places for the community to meet and to connect.. to establish relationships on which later collaboration and amazing projects start to evolve. It also serves as a very inclusive way to allow new people, joining the community ,to get an idea of what it is all about. To find the right people for the right answers to the right questions.

Feel free to join and to meet the Community

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Catalyst Town Halls

Each Wednesday at 18:00 UTC - Town Hall by IOHK

Join Daniel Ribar (Community Manager) and the rest of the community for our weekly Catalyst update. Want go get an impression on Town Hall ? Check all recordings (HERE).

Right after, The Catalyst Swarm After Town Hall opens the floor. Join Community hosted breakout rooms and participate in meaningful discussion, workshops and sessions all around Cardano and Project Catalyst.

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