Catalyst Town Halls - March 2022

30th March 2022


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Wolfram Governance Analytics

Wolfram hosting a open Session in the Catalyst Swarm After Town Hall on March 30. Link to the proposal: More about Wolfram:

Open Source Challenges

Join Johnny Nguyen from IOG OSS, Patrick Suzzi from Catalyst F8 Challenge - OSDE, and Ninh Tran from Snapbrillia as the community discusses the biggest Open-Source challenges in and out of Cardano. Presentation: Chat:

F8 Discovery Session: Improvements & Opportunities

F8 Improvements Sensing

Recorded: March 30, 2022

23rd March 2022


Breakout Rooms

Accelerate Decentralised Identity

This is a general Q&A session with community members that led to interesting discussion about user experience, personal identifiable information as well as opportunities to connect with the IO Atala PRISM and PSG teams

CA/vCA Solution & Feedback, F8

16th March 2022



Project Catalyst Fund 8 Trailer

Idea Fest Fund 8 Trailer

Breakout Rooms

Catalyst Women - part 1

Catalyst Women - part 2

Community Advisor Solutions

Accelerate Decentralized Identity

9th March 2022


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Breakout Rooms

How to build a Challenge Team GitBook

Hosted by Stephen Whitenstall, QADAO

A screen share and description of a GitBook built for the Auditability Challenge Team.

VCA Implementable F8 Adjustments

Mini Proposal Workshop #16 - Community Driven Innovation Platform

The session was recorded at 09.03.2022 Hosted by Tevo Saks Workshop participants: Dan Kimbell, Tegegne Tefera, and 7 other Community Members Collaboration Platform to broadcast proposer intentions. If you are interested in participating in a workshop to help others to improve proposals or elaborate on your idea.

Join us on the Discord channel:

Resources: This break-out session was recorded after the Cardano4Climate - Climate Change weekly meetup Meetup links: Miro Board: Project Management Miro Board:

Chapters: 00:00 Session Set-Up 00:28 Project Introductions From Participants 08:07 Topic Voting 10:00 "Climate Change The Challenge" Proposal 17:16 Why We Need a Community-Driven Collaboration Platform For Climate Change? 22:13 Does Wallet Size Lead To Better Decisions? 27:45 Proposition For A Separate Platform Alongside Catalyst 30:26 The Problem Of Defining "Climate Change" 34:23 Voting On The Most Relevant Issues 35:49 Help Is Needed To Broadcast The Intentions Of Proposals 42:52 What Solution Do We Need? 54:22 What Direction Should We Take? 1:05:55 Replace Ideascale Or Augment It? 1:09:42 Do We Need Branding?

2nd March 2022


Breakout Rooms

Community Advisor Sub-Circle Purpose Discussion

Nadia Hopkins, Catalyst Circle Community Advisor Representative, hosts SWARM AfterTownHall Breakout Room to Discuss the Purpose and Vision of a CA Sub-Circle with the CA Community! Human Sensor Array Construction :: In Progress :)

Accelerate Decentralized Identity

Hosted by Anushka and Pete from IOG

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