Catalyst Town Halls - July 2022

06th July 2022


Breakout rooms

Catalyst Circle Town Hall

The Catalyst Community in a general discussion about the Catalyst Circle Objectives on July 6th.

CCv3 Catalyst Circle Voting Discussion

This is a community discussion regarding the Catalyst Circle Election and Voting process, possibilities, history and current status.

13th July 2022


Breakout rooms

Enabling Onchain Voting w/ DripDropz

Discussing the tools and technology that enable on chain voting in a measurable, auditable, and repeatable way.

DAOsloveCardano Proposer Presentations in ATH

Join us to present and discuss proposals in the DAOs Love Cardano Challenge. Built with Love, Cardano and You!

Atala PRISM / Pioneer Program / ProofSpace VC/Schema Discussion

Discuss Atala PRISM, decentralized identity, self-sovereign identity, and support for the PRISM Pioneer Program. ProofSpace will also share the work being done on verifiable credential schemas.

20th July 2022


Breakout rooms

PRISM DIDs for PA Onboarding

We welcome feedback on the implementation of our Fund 8 project, which leverages self-sovereign identity to implement a required PA onboarding course. We are planning a Fund 10 pilot and look forward to input from the PA community on the process design.

Photrek FCNT NeuroProphet Demo

Demo by Kevin Chen.

Rubic cubing how the newly evolving global cannabis industry can merge and support the Cardano Catalyst Community using blockchain, crypto and web3 opportunities.

27th July 2022


Breakout rooms

Consenz Co-Design Session

Consenz - an agreements platform, was funded for improving the PA/vPA guidelines editing process. This session is for gathering feedback as part of consenz design. If you have participated in discussion around PA/vPA guidelines your input will be most appreciated.

Snapbrillia Pre-Launch Demo & Monthly Progress

Snapbrillia is launching! Please sign up, share, and consider voting YES in F9:

Snapbrillia pre-launch demo and progress for the community with Ninh Tran (Snapbrillia), James Willingham (Snapbrillia), Beatrice Thelisma (Snapbrillia), and many others in the Cardano Catalyst community. Chat History:

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