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26th January


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Catalyst through the lens of the Cynefin Framework

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Bringing more Women Through Mentorship

19th January


The issue of "Rick’s picks for Catalyst Fund 7" voting - 00:05:48

The Chat during this part of the presentation ran as follows (find the full chat transcript as a doc at the end)

00:11:56 From Matthias Sieber this is all very disorienting

00:12:00 From Peter Van GARDEREN I think the potential for Cardano to be the climate change action blockchain of choice is underestimated in its ability to “reach new users and developers”

00:12:05 From Lauris StakePool247 yeah, it was upsetting that ccvault project didn’t get the funding…

00:12:30 From Peter Van GARDEREN So downvoting “Climate Change: the Challenge” could be counter-productive for that criteria alone

00:12:36 From Melanie -Cardano4Climate Why would we submit proposals if the voting decisions are "centralized?"

00:12:37 From J P Not all good ideas (no matter how valuable) are presented in way that makes voters see the value. This falls to the proposers

00:12:49 From Kriss Baird Voting decisions aren’t centralised?

00:12:52 From Zoé Kleist Upvote Climate challengee

00:12:57 From Kriss Baird Who said that Melanie?

00:13:21 From Alejandro Pestchanker So how do you reach more developers.. if most of the world are not even aware of CARDANO?

00:13:34 From Melanie -Cardano4Climate Isn't that what this slide tells the voters/ followers how to vote?\

00:13:34 From Dan Verowski climate challenge is the most important challenge. period.

00:13:37 From Phil K Hi all Fund 7 version of AIM voter-tool is now live. You can use the share feature to share your voter-guidance to others

00:13:43 From Butterfly Tyrant I have no idea how to incorporate the Fund 8 goals. Is this in voting now or is it to be addressed in fund 8 voting?

00:13:53 From Alejandro Pestchanker I think this tweet and the whole get rid of the “countries”challenges idea is very discriminatory

00:14:08 From Alejandro Pestchanker And does not understand.. what is Catalyst and what Cardano is trying to achieve

00:14:09 From Stephen Whitenstall If a single personality is presenting their recommendations is this not centralisation ?

00:14:12 From Kriss Baird This is just Ricks POV based on the criteria he’s set himself

00:14:17 From Rodolfo Miranda SSI UP !!!!

00:14:19 From J P We are more than just devs though

00:14:36 From Zoé Kleist i agree @stephen

00:14:40 From Tomi Astikainen Stephen, we can all go and do the same.

00:14:40 From Allison Fromm @Rodolfo - Rick said something on Twitter about changing his mind on that one

00:14:52 From Phil K @Ale of course this is 'his' voting choice.. you can choose your own

00:14:52 From Mercy A Thanks for presenting this. Definitely opens up the conversation

00:15:00 From Peter Wolcott I PROPOSE as many people who CAN, set their own similar metrics and share – DOOOOOIT

00:15:00 From Tomi Astikainen I just generally don't like the idea of downvoting completely legit challenges.

00:15:02 From Matthias Sieber you were pretty clear on downvoting challenges that address regional issues

00:15:12 From Matthias Sieber permanently

00:15:25 From Peter Wolcott Future Challenge TEAM FUEL!!

00:15:31 From Vanessa Cardui I'm not sure these personal (and kinda discriminatory) opinions should be platformed so prominently at town hall?

00:15:39 From Melanie -Cardano4Climate Wow... all the work we are doing suddenly feels like it is wasted because the time isn't perfect. This would also feed into waiting for the governments to solve Climate change.

00:15:42 From Dan Verowski why does the world need a single operating system?

00:15:43 From Seán Lynch We are not going to just clean the room, we are going to clean the planet

00:15:49 From Ryan Champ agree @ Vanessa

00:16:07 From J P Is it the system or the lack of proposer's ability to get their message across? As a CA I find it's the proposals that are the achilles heel, not the system - although of course it can be improved

00:16:15 From Zoé Kleist i mean he could have shown the importnt challenges for xyz Problem. not be like downvoting stuff … ohhh and "it is more inclusive"..?

00:16:20 From Johnny Nguyen I for one, appreciate encourage diversity of thought, but part of diversity means encouraging folks to bring their authentic views and convictions.

00:16:21 From Alejandro Pestchanker What a narrow way of see this.. 🧐

00:16:26 From Tyler Wales not a single operating system; an interoperable operating framework

00:16:38 From Patrik Suzzi I see that you prioritize challenges to reach top priorities earlier. But still, I believe the "Climate Change: THE Challenge" is a very important one.

00:16:46 From Kriss Baird Folks, there is always next fund & next fund & next...

00:16:47 From Matthias Sieber it's not an open discourse if you give already loud voices an even more prominent platform

00:16:49 From Vanessa Cardui agree @alejandro

00:16:51 From Stephen Whitenstall Rest of the world = Miscellaneous

00:16:54 From Butterfly Tyrant indeed Johnny

00:17:00 From Kyle Solomon we all want the same things

00:17:01 From Ryan Vukich @vanessa yes agree.

00:17:10 From Ryan Champ diversity of thought is great! however... In general I'm not sure if any singular person's personal preferences should be highlighted on a particular platform as a means of 'diversity of thought'

00:17:10 From Matthias Sieber Kriss, there may be a fund, but people may not want to participate

00:17:15 From Tomi Astikainen So now Dor is "downvoting" all the discussions CAs and VCAs having in Telegram...

00:17:18 From Jose Miguel De Gamboa agree @Mathias

00:17:23 From Melanie -Cardano4Climate I am glad that at least Charles is thinking about the future.

00:17:26 From Butterfly Tyrant Kriss, it feels like we've been saying that since fund 4

00:17:33 From Vanessa Cardui quite, @tomi

00:17:33 From Phil K real governance is about balancing the needs of those being governed

00:17:35 From Kriss Baird I think just because a challenge doesn’t get voted for one time isn’t disincentive to participate

00:17:45 From Melanie -Cardano4Climate Suddenly we feel centralized. once more.

00:17:53 From Len D JP, are you really saying the CA’s are the prime element of Catalyst and the proposals are simply an inconvenient annoyance?

00:17:55 From Matthias Sieber Have you been under a rock, Kriss? That's not the issue here.

00:17:57 From Butterfly Tyrant He's against growing countries, but for growing Nations....

00:18:04 From Alejandro Pestchanker Reducing???? We need to EXPAND!!

00:18:06 From Ryan Vukich people may have different skills and to only accept them if they can provide near and present may not be the best path

00:18:11 From Peter Wolcott This chat needs LOVE

00:18:12 From Tomi Astikainen Two of "my" challenges are on the left but I Still disagree with this approach.

00:18:12 From Johnny Nguyen At the end of this all, we still participate by voting.

00:18:15 From Seán Lynch Most important = global plastic pollution epidemic is right outside your door

00:18:15 From Tyler Wales Decentralized reputation paired with self sovereign identity would be useful for the catalyst proposal assessment process

00:18:16 From Emelia Sarfo I think Grow Africa Grow Cardano should be included

00:18:34 From Kriss Baird Everyone needs to vote for what to prioritise

00:18:35 From Butterfly Tyrant cardano challenges should ahve been withdrawn, btw

00:18:36 From Zoé Kleist for real, please just make your "picks" for topics you know about and can argument for. why make "picks" for downvotes… not cool :/

00:18:53 From Tomi Astikainen Emelia, we are not including anything Rick feels indifferent about.

00:19:02 From Scott R. Agree with Rick. There is too much going on right now. Can’t build a third level if the ground floor is not finished.

00:19:04 From J P @Len - I'm saying sometimes the greatest ideas are not presented in a way that is accessible or that are appealing to voters - it falls to proposers to explain WHY theirs must be voted in

00:19:08 From Alejandro Pestchanker So experts are only on Developed Countries.. sure!

00:19:11 From Dan Verowski Rick is a decent guy. he's just signaling how important it is to get infrastructure right and solid, before communities can have at it

00:19:17 From Matthias Sieber what's the population? sample size?

00:19:23 From Felix Weber on this picklist there is still a leftover of 4M.. So still space to add challenges

00:19:29 From Felix Weber :)

00:19:36 From Vanessa Cardui Maybe the rest of us need to be Tweeting diversity and climate inspired Upvote lists

00:19:41 From Dan Verowski however one can build communities without tech!

00:19:51 From Juan Sierra improve in cardano has to do with bringing new developers and adoption. for example, LATAM can do that, and indeed is doing it with several countries that are involved.

00:19:52 From Alejandro Pestchanker So let’s have only 1 Challenge then.. 16 Million BUILD CARDANO

00:19:52 From Butterfly Tyrant Remember the work Rick did for WADA

00:19:54 From Johnny Nguyen @Vanessa yes. That’s kinda Rick’s point.

00:19:57 From Peter Wolcott Thanks for Perspective Felix

00:19:58 From Chris Keller Move Voting on chain.

00:20:00 From Yoram Cardano4Climate Come on Dor…

00:20:13 From Tomi Astikainen Downvote diversity!

00:20:16 From Michael McNulty Kudos to rick for taking the initiative and having the conviction to present his views and clearly outline his thinking. Don’t think anyone should be taking this as the end all be all. Would be great to see more of these, especially if they’re expressing opposing views

00:20:18 From Tomi Astikainen Downvote women!

00:20:20 From Stephen Whitenstall What people did is no guide to how they act in the present

00:20:23 From Tomi Astikainen Downvote climate change!

00:20:27 From Vanessa Cardui @Johnny - not sure about that. But it doesn't seem to be IOG's point in giving Rick's personal view such a big platform!

00:20:27 From Seomon blub I disagree with putting this on the Townhall tbh...

00:20:28 From Lauris StakePool247 thanks Rick for sharing

00:20:32 From Afia Owusu looks more like we are heading towards centralization please may be wrong

00:20:40 From Ryan Champ agreed Seomon

00:20:42 From Scott R. This list is his personal list. Not the community’s. Make your own as has been said. Pass your list around to your friends. Have spaces for your proposals. Your vote, no one else’s.

00:20:43 From J P Yup, still respect Rick's point, just too myopic for my liking

00:21:01 From Butterfly Tyrant can someone provide a transcript of this chat?????

00:21:02 From Johnny Nguyen Bring this discourse into the public sphere.

00:21:05 From Dan Verowski JP 100 with u

00:21:19 From Jonathan Adjei Nice to hear your thought process Rich. I don't agree with it all, but really, Thank you for sharing.

00:21:22 From Jesse Caldwell refine through fire

00:21:35 From Tevo Saks I think its not about the amount of challenges.

Because either way there going to be 1000+ proposals

00:21:43 From Dan Verowski yes John, discourse should happen in public and ideally in a restorative environment!

00:21:44 From Butterfly Tyrant Again, remember what Rick did for Wada

00:21:45 From Johnny Nguyen Communal Effort, Participation, Civic Responsibility, Radical Inclusion.

00:21:47 From Matthias Sieber Thanks for stating this so clearly, Tomi. That's exactly the message I got...

00:21:57 From Tevo Saks having such a diverse set of challenges, with several proposals each is actually much easier to decide upon

00:21:58 From J P I read the ccvault proposal and it was not well written, it got a low score for the lack of quality of the proposal, not because of the idea

00:21:59 From Josko Sestan @Rick, good work mate, you are definitely attaining the title of Expert!

00:22:01 From Alejandro Pestchanker It is not the same REACH most of us has… comparing with Rick

00:22:01 From Dzhuliana Nikolova I am curious to understand why the community want more experts to provide analysis, to get to the root need.

00:22:07 From Dayna Kovacic I agree with Dor - it’s an example more than the Town Hall backing his opinions

00:22:09 From Alejandro Pestchanker it is a different responsibility

00:22:13 From Tomi Astikainen Unbelievable.

00:22:15 From Mercy A Thanks @Rick for your courage

00:22:21 From Juan Sierra the issue is that Rick has 6 pools and thousends of followers. what if a bad actor does the same?

00:22:22 From Yoram Cardano4Climate media pushing for decisions - sound familier?

00:22:23 From Vanessa Cardui @butterflytyrant - you can save the chat yourself - but I will also save and post it on a QA-DAO GitBook somewhere

00:22:37 From Alejandro Pestchanker Agree @Juan

00:22:45 From Rodolfo Miranda I’m ok with Rick’s view, but Dor, you should ‘ve also called someone from the other side to be on the stage also

00:22:52 From Peter Wolcott Thanks Vanessa!

00:22:52 From Allison Fromm @Vanessa you are amazing! I was just thinking to tag you and Stephen on the question of saving the chat

00:22:52 From Butterfly Tyrant Thank you vanessa. I'm short on storage. lAlso, I'm quasar if you want to find me later.

00:22:57 From Dan Verowski I can write cc vaults proposals, hit me up

00:23:00 From Stephen Whitenstall Agree Rodolfo

00:23:05 From Matthias Sieber 100%, Rodolfo. Why amplify already loud voices?

00:23:07 From Len D what about projects from funds 3,4,5

00:23:11 From Yoram Cardano4Climate Agree Rodolfo

00:23:20 From Vanessa Cardui yep Rodolfo

00:23:23 From Len D where are the close out reports and videos?

00:23:25 From Maria carmo Let´s think about all the people who need help in their own language

00:23:27 From Scott R. Agree Rodolfo

00:23:32 From Dayna Kovacic We all have an ecosystem we can influence

00:23:34 From J P @Dan - I'm a MASSIVE supporter of ccvault but tech experts arent' always the best proposal writers. This is where we could also improve

00:23:35 From Butterfly Tyrant Len, for those proposals in Fund 4 - 6, you can see them in gamechanger wallet

00:23:38 From Dan Verowski Rodolfo nailing it

00:23:41 From Maria carmo I hope these people matter some how for someone in the community

00:23:49 From Scott R. Slide deck please…

00:23:50 From Vanessa Cardui @Butterflytyrant - ahah I thought it might be you :-)

00:23:59 From Butterfly Tyrant MuKn loves taking code yeah?

00:24:03 From Butterfly Tyrant nftdao

00:24:04 From Peter Wolcott 19 - presentation slides:

00:24:10 From IOHK Community presentation slides:

00:24:12 From Dan Verowski I love ccvault, if u have contsct w them let me know, I'd love to help em

00:24:16 From Scott R. TY @Peter

00:24:54 From Allison Fromm Things may break......

00:24:58 From Butterfly Tyrant indeed Vanessa

00:25:05 From Kyle Solomon Things will break

00:25:08 From Peter Wolcott Start 00:32

00:25:34 From Allison Fromm We are clearly an anti-fragile community

00:25:41 From Maria carmo Sure

00:25:44 From Matthias Sieber are we?

00:25:49 From Kyle Solomon We will be fine

00:25:54 From Kyle Solomon This is all part of it

00:25:54 From Matthias Sieber I'm sure you will

00:26:04 From Butterfly Tyrant Vanessa, how to contact you outside here

00:26:05 From Dan Verowski relatively yes Matthias

00:26:08 From Johnny Nguyen Would love to see us fund some work with as well

00:26:14 From Stephen Whitenstall Yes a lot people are not fine Kyl

00:26:25 From Butterfly Tyrant Yeah man, REACH is the superior language

00:26:29 From Butterfly Tyrant REACH

00:26:30 From Kyle Solomon Help me help you, Stephen

00:26:31 From Butterfly Tyrant REACH

00:26:44 From Butterfly Tyrant REACH

00:27:33 From Butterfly Tyrant reach opens up interoperability as well

00:28:09 From Johnny Nguyen that being said, I like that GLOW supports formal methods/verification… High Assurance in these early days is important.

00:28:20 From Chris Keller I crashed the car can we fix it before qualifying? DRIVE Catalyst After town hall.

00:28:40 From Marta L This is interesting…

00:28:57 From Butterfly Tyrant Hi Marta!!!

00:28:59 From Scott R. Game theory

00:29:09 From Marta L Hey Q!

00:29:29 From Dor Garbash Tomi - I used the desktop TG and I wasn’t aware it was showing the downvotes were coming from me…

00:29:30 From Butterfly Tyrant Great seeing you, hope you are well!

00:29:42 From Dor Garbash I apologize, and will refrain doing so in the future.

00:29:50 From Dor Garbash Unless it’s really needed 🙂

00:30:03 From Kyle Solomon 🙂

00:30:12 From Peter Van GARDEREN Looking forward to trying out Glow. Is there an updated tutorial coming out soon that incorporates this completed work?

00:30:30 From J P Can we get an update on how the flash assessments went?

00:30:50 From Matthias Matthijs +1

00:30:56 From Tomi Astikainen Dor - I don't know what you're talking about.

00:30:56 From Scott R. Does GLOW still require a Linux box?

00:31:09 From Stephen Macurdy Is there a certain limit on number of votes to cast?

00:31:20 From Dor Garbash I think you missed the point, it wasn’t about the specific opinion of Rick it was about making lists and improving the public discourse.

00:32:05 From Dor Garbash Tomi - you said earlier “Dor is downvoting everyone”

00:32:17 From Dor Garbash I was responding to that.

00:32:17 From mike jarmon Never seen such a response in a TH… quite polemical, and needing a better set up I guess.

00:33:25 From Matthias Matthijs I think the real message got lost in the noise here because aparently, people might have different viewpoints sometimes and that doesn't seem so easy to be accepted. But that was not what this was about at all.

Everybody is encouraged to make and publish their own lists.

00:33:40 From Jose Miguel De Gamboa @Dor that's the message that went through for me. Regardless of agreeing with Rick's assesments it's a great example of "doing your homework" and encouraging healthy discussions.

00:34:26 From Butterfly Tyrant only need to vote once to receive voter rewards yes?

00:34:29 From Peter Wolcott +10 Matthias Matthijs

00:34:32 From Yoram Cardano4Climate Reach (and everyone else) join us at the event tomorrow - How can we use blockchain/Cardano for forest conservation and tree planting activities:

00:34:43 From Butterfly Tyrant vote on one proposal to get the rewards yes?

00:34:49 From Dor Garbash Thanks Jose, it was on purpose to show a “dissenting” voice, because it’s important to allow diversity.

Chat transcript

After Town Hall Breakout Rooms

Fund 8 Catalyst Process Improvement Ideation

12th January


After Town Hall Breakout Rooms

Fund 8 CA process Improvement ideation

Miro Board link:

How to nurture a culture of listening in Catalyst

Stephen Whitenstall - QA-DAO

Further documentation here -

5th January


After Town Hall Breakout Rooms

Part 1: Ledger Live Proposal presentation

Fabrice and Roman from the Ledger Team presenting the proposal to the Cardano Community in the Catalyst Town Hall on wednesday, January 5th.

Part 2: Ledger Live Proposal presentation

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CA/vCA Process discussion


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