Catalyst School is a learning hub that aims to accelerate the adoption of Cardano's Project Catalyst and to ensure that it thrives and reaches its full potential, faster.


How to Learn?

The Catalyst School is a place not only to learn, but also to meet and interact with other community members. We believe that one of the best ways to learn is exactly by doing that, through :

open conversations

exchanging knowledge

hands-on experiences

on what it looks like to act in Catalyst as a proposer, CA, vCA and other roles that might come up.

The School will have classes and workshops during each Fund that will be open for everyone who wants to participate.

For those who prefer not or are not available to go to classes and workshops, at each Fund we will provide a limited number of 1-to-1 support with our team members.

Also, we know that some people prefer to learn at their own pace. To serve this need, all School materials and references will be available on our website, along with the recordings of live sessions and all text and audiovisual content.

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