Roles in Project Catalyst

Project Catalyst has multiple roles that are paid by Project Catalyst. You are able to have an impact on collective knowledge with just a few engagements.

Proposer - Got an idea? Create an impactful proposal and collaborate with the community to refine it. Project Catalyst - Proposal Template by Felix

Community Advisor / Proposal Assessor - Provide reviews and assessments. Mentor proposers in their delivery and presentation. From Fund 9 the official role name is Proposal Assessor. Community Advisor Assessment Guide - Fund8 (official)

Voter - Choose proposals that should get funding. Voter Registration and Voting Guide Try voting for fund 8 Proposals on a community-created tool:

Catalyst Governance Group - Sensor problems and helps us improve Project Catalyst and collaboration between evergrowing communities. Governance group introduction: Catalyst Circle Project Catalyst - Funded Projects Reporting (public MVP)

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