GitHub Set-up

A detailed guide

Welcome to the prototype of The-Catalyst-School GitBook. This GitBook would collect and document all the content sources of The-Catalyst-School.

Videos, images, Google documents, presentations, spreadsheets, links back to Discord posts and weblinks can all be embedded.

The layout of this GitBook has been designed to match the layout of the The-Catalyst-School Discord server.

Access to editing on the GitBook can be divided into writers (who can change content) and readers (who can read and comment).

Open-source training is planned to complement the GitBook and GitHub platforms.

The Catalyst School GitHub Organisation

The Catalyst School GitHub Organisation is located at the following web link :

It is currently owned by [Catalyst School Trustee to be arranged] and maintained by Stephen Whitenstall (

The Catalyst School GitHub Repositories

There are currently two GitHub Repositories supporting the The Catalyst School.

1) The-Catalyst-School-Co-Ordination

This Repository is where The-Catalyst-School GitHub Maintainers discuss the maintenance and administration of our repositories.

The-Catalyst-School GitHub Maintainer Discussions

A good place to start as a contributor or maintainer is this GitHub Discussion post :

2) The-Catalyst-School

This repository is back-end of the The-Catalyst-School GitBook (this site). All content presented here is pushed to The-Catalyst-School repository. This provides an open-source back-up for this GitBook and allows for data migration to other platforms in the future.

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