Challenges & Proposals

Challenges & Proposals

Catalyst aims to support many different types of projects with many different goals, from community building to developer tools.

To help organize the 1000+ proposals in a given round of funding, each round allocates portions of the total funding to address different challenges raised by the community.

These challenges become categories for someone to address with a proposal.

Challenge Setting - In each fund, there is a category called Challenge Setting which is used to vote on challenges for the NEXT fund.

These are voted on by the community and approved challenges become the categories available for the next fund.

Approved Challenges - These are challenges set with a portion of the total fund to support proposals within the challenge.

You may already have a proposal in mind, which will fit into the appropriate challenge; alternatively, you may have an idea to address a specific challenge and submit a proposal for that.

If you are going to submit a proposal it is recommended to spend the time reading and understanding the goals of the challenges.

Each Challenge is very different and will be looking to solve specific problems, the closer your proposal aligns to a challenge, the better suited it will be to that category.


What is the purpose of challenges? a) Appoint challenge proposers to distribute funds to proposals b) Experiment with governance c) Provide alignment or scope for proposals

What is the difference between challenges and proposals? a) Challenges are problems people face when writing proposals b) They are unrelated c) Challenges are categories to group proposals

Links to engage with proposers and proposals Cardano Ideascale Catalyst Voter Tool Fund 8 Challenge Teams Catalyst Explorer

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