Funding Cycle

Funding Cycle

The Funding Cycle consists of stages. Each can have its timeframe.

Sharing Insights: Share ideas about problems that need to be solved and possible ways to improve the Cardano and/or Catalyst ecosystem. Improve & Grow Auditability Insight Sharing GitBook

Submitting Proposals: Submit a draft proposal to introduce your idea. The earlier you submit your proposal, the earlier you’ll receive feedback to help you create the best version of your proposal. Project Catalyst - Proposal Template by Felix

Refining Proposals: All community members are encouraged to review proposals and provide comments to suggest ways that proposers may improve their idea. Mention similar projects to encourage cooperation. Publish your own proposals to a wider audience.

Finalizing Proposals: A submitted proposal can be edited anytime until the end of this stage.

Assessing Proposals: Evaluate the proposals based on impact, feasibility, and audibility. Community Advisor Assessment Guide - Fund8 (official)

Reviewing Assessments: Selected Community Advisors grade the assessments and mark invalid assessments for removal. Veteran Community Advisor Guide - Fund8 (official)

Voting on Proposals: Ada-holders can vote on their preferred Catalyst proposals to decide who will receive the funding. Voter Registration and Voting Guide

Cooldown: We have a break between funding cycles.

Want to learn about exact dates, here is the current fund timeline.

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