Catalyst Treasury

Catalyst Treasury

ADA holders pay transaction fees according to the protocol that distributes value between the Stakepool Operator and the Cardano Treasury

  1. The amount delegated to a stake pool is the primary way the protocol chooses who adds the next block to the blockchain. Learn more about delegating on the website

  2. Part of the Cardano Treasury funds goes to Project Catalyst Experiments.

  3. This Project Catalyst allocation is shared between Proposers, Assessors, Referrers, and Challenge Teams

You can learn about the theory of how treasury came to be in the Treasury Systems research article by Bingsheng Zhang, Roman Oliynykov, and Hamed Balogun.

Here is a staking related article on making a better staking decision.

QA DAO Documentation of Kevin Hammond’s presentation on the Cardano Treasury.

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