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This is a side proposal to The Catalyst School

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Problem statement

The learning experience in the Catalyst School can be more attractive to people who don't like to participate in live sessions and interact.

Describe your solution to the problem

Enrich a diversify the learning experience of the catalyst school students using a customized, multimedia, and interactive platform.

Relevant experience

Veteran advisors and proposal mentors, education professionals, very active Catalyst community members since early Funds and more.

Website/GitHub repository (not required) https://linktr.ee/CatalystSchool

Detailed plan

This is a side proposal to the Catalyst School - https://cardano.ideascale.com/a/dtd/The-Catalyst-School/367842-48088

The Catalyst School website will be a place to offer students a way to establish contact with resources, teachers and other students in an interactive way.

It will consist of an additional layer of features built on top of the resources to enrich the overall experience and provide different learning solutions using different methods and approaches.

The architecture of the website will not include resources and courses/workshops content: they will be stored on a public Git repository with an Open Source license and they will be accessible to anyone.

The website will include a mechanism to import in an automatic way these resources and content linking them with the features aimed at students.

Features included in the website:

- Import mechanism from Git and Markdown of resources/courses/workshops

  • Using a defined standard in the Markdown file organization it will be possible to parse and import the content in the website environment

- Courses and Workshops

  • Content and resources from the public repo can be reorganized in new courses / workshops

- Quiz & Test

  • For each course and lesson it will possible to create quizzes and tests that the students can use to self-evaluate their progress and gamifying the learning experience

- Questions

  • Students will be able to ask questions through the website, contributing to the creation of a FAQ section for each resource.

- Events and Calendar

  • A specific section of the website will collect all the events related to the Catalyst School (like workshops in the After / Eastern Town Hall)

  • Students will be able to subscribe to an event in order to get updates

  • Events could be in a private form and created by the students to incentivize the creation of study groups

- Students registration

  • Progress tracking of specific courses (tracking by lessons completed, final quiz, test, etc.)

  • Follow-up emails and Mailing list

  • Creation of study groups

  • Certification -> NFT certifications with side-proposal

- Multilanguage support

Technical specifications

The website will be developed using the open source framework Laravel.

As described before the website will act as an additional layer of features for the students, and the content and resources will be imported / parsed and mapped from an external Git repository.

Therefore, the domain model of the website will include the "imported/mapped" models integrating them with all the entities required for the features.

Here is the Domain Model draft: https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_l-LVKTI=/?moveToWidget=3074457362542502107&cot=10

Development roadmap & Milestones

Under construction!


Under construction!


Under construction!

Requested funds in USD: 7

Proposals that haven't indicated that they have included all items in the checklist by end of the proposal Finalize stage, will not be eligible for voting and will be archived. Received emails from communications@iohk.io, Submitted this proposal to only one challenge, Included identifying information about all proposers, How my proposal impacts the challenge metrics, How I address the challenge question, Definition of success after 3, 6 and 12 months, Broken down my budget requirements, Defined expected public launch date.

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