Mini Proposal Workshop

Learn how How to use Miro Board, How to start the process, Ending up with Proposal requirements in the Mini Proposal Workshop for Fund 8



Proposal creation, Miro Board, Brainstorming, Decision Making


Tevo Saks








26.02.2022 11:00


  • How to use Miro Board

  • How to start the process

  • Ending up with Proposal requirements


Process Compilation


Fund 10 Workshop material will be uploaded here on February 2023


In this video, you will see a compilation of edits explaining the Mini Proposal Workshop. You will learn why we create proposals and how to use the proposal method designed on Miro Board.

Set up

We meet up in Zoom call, we share

At the start of each event, I will share with everybody a Miro Board.

I quickly go through the general process but and then I introduce a chapter

Process Framework

On the left, you will find guides on how to use Miro Board features. In the Middle: Process video, Workshop playlist, and Project Management Miro Board On the right, there will be all the chapters

In each Chapter, Red boxes will have guiding questions. In yellow boxes, we will select our answers And the orange boxes will be optional guiding questions


  1. Problem Statement

  2. Scope Down Solution

  3. Title for Proposal

  4. Team Roles

  5. What kind of proposal it is?

  6. Target Audience

  7. Defining Success

  8. Key Performance Measurements

  9. Experience Flowchart

  10. Estimations (components and delivery time)

  11. Proposal Cost

Proposal Finalizing

After the information is gathered copy the best stickies to Proposal Document.

Then finally make it readable and Format the text.

Go through the latest Community Advisor checklist and add the missing information.

Additional Information

Project Manage Miro Board where you can find the latest information about workshops:

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